How we produce our glazing packers

From the very first moment, it was clear to us that we wanted to manufacture our glazing packers here in Germany. Consequently, they are not long-distance imports, nor are they cheap Eastern European goods. We can give extensive guarantees on our glazing packers and sustainability and environmental protection are not neglected as elsewhere. Glazing packers are not a complicated product and do not have to be expensive. And that’s what you want in principle, isn’t it?

Nowadays, the first choice of material is polypropylene. Except for very few exceptional applications, the material properties of PP outshine all competing materials. Polypropylene is highly heat resistant, stiff but with a certain elasticity, cold impact-resistant, insensitive to moisture, has a low coefficient of expansion, can be easily dyed, and is therefore ideal for the small, so important molded parts.

What makes glazing packers so expensive everywhere is the long supply chain with its respective cost and profit structures. With there is none of that, because you buy directly ex works at the factory price.

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The manufacturing process

As already mentioned, our glazing packers are manufactured for you in Germany. Namely in our own specialized plant. 

The starting material is a granulate of pure polypropylene, which you can imagine as small round rice balls. These are first dried. Then the quantity defined for the production batch is evenly heated to 250 to 270 °C in a kind of meat grinder spiral. The hot mass is then injected under pressure into a preheated negative mold. Hence the name injection molding. There is not one mold per glazing packer, but a whole number of packers are injected simultaneously with one mold.

The tool

You can imagine this as a tube inside the mold with several branching paths to the right and left (similar to the stems on a grape), through which the cavities are then filled with the liquid plastic in block form. When the material has cooled, the mold is unfolded. The glazing packers fall out, but they are still attached to their „supply lines“ (called sprue bars). From there, they are clipped off and it’s off to packaging. The remaining sprue is directly returned to the raw material cycle. So there is practically no waste.

Of course, there are separate molds for each packer’s thickness and, because of the different colors, there must be a separate batch of material. But these are 100% identical except for the color since they all consist of the same starting granulate.

Such a process allows very cost-effective production of our glazing packers and glass packers. The injection mold is very expensive, but this price is relativized by the number of pieces. After all, the injection mold can be used several million times.

Why should you buy glazing blocks at and from Germany?

We at are specialists exclusively in high-quality glazing packers. We have this one Product. This one thing we are absolutely the best worldwide. Promise. 

Firstly, it means that we do not have unnecessary warehousing, advertising, and distribution costs. 

Secondly, we save complicated administration and logistics departments. You order directly from the factory and get your delivery directly from the factory. That’s why you buy from us at a lower price than from the competition.

You can follow the current raw material trends here.

Thirdly, we manufacture in Germany with the Made in Germany quality seal. This not only ensures jobs here in the country but also strict compliance with all stringent environmental and sustainability regulations. Important regulations of the technical rules can be implemented quickly in-house if required.

Fourth, our glazing packers meet the standards of the door and window industry.

Finally, our window manufacturing experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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