• Easy lifting of glass panes
  • Easy alignment of the panes
  • For inserting glazing blocks
  • For glass laminates and single panes
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Größe 28 × 65 × 2.5 cm

Block trowel: For easy lifting and alignment of glazing

The block trowel (also called block lever or glazing trowel) is a simple but all the more important tool for glazing windows and doors. Only with the help of a block trowel can even very large glass panes and glass assemblies be lifted, moved, and correctly positioned safely and easily. If neither the glass nor the frame is to be ruined, a block trowel is indispensable for fine alignment in the frame.

Three characteristics are particularly important for the usefulness of a glazing trowel:
First, the trowel must not damage the frame or the glass under any circumstances. It must therefore be made of a material that is partially elastic, but hard enough to bear the sometimes considerable load of a pane of glass or a pane composite.
Secondly, it must be able to fit into the narrow gap between the glass and the frame. It must therefore not be too thick.

Third, it should be compact and as small as possible. Nevertheless, good leverage is extremely important so that the force required to move the glass remains as low as possible.

How can a glazing trowel help me in my daily work?

When glazing fixed or movable windows or doors or sliding doors, there is usually not enough space between the pane and the frame to position the pane correctly by hand. This is where the block trowel comes in handy. Thanks to its shape, you can easily position the glazing trowel between the frame and the glass. Then you lever up the glass and can insert the glazing blocks. Using the trowel will not damage the glass or the frame. After everything is perfectly aligned, you take the blocking trowel back out.

„With a block trowel, I can work faster and without damage, guaranteed.“

The block trowel is exactly the tool you need as a professional in your work. Our block trowels are made in Germany, super cheap, guaranteed stable and break-proof, handy, and recommended by glaziers. But by far not only carpenters, window makers or glaziers use our trowels.

  • Block trowels significantly facilitate the alignment of glass
  • Lifting doors or windows is child’s play
  • The tip makes it easy to reach even narrow joints
  • A block trowel fits in every trouser pocket while working
  • It is about the size of a folding rule
  • We ship on the next day of your order



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