Why I sell glazing packers

I have often asked myself during my start-up why I actually sell glazing packers?

I myself have been in the field of window and facade construction for years. I have always asked myself during the purchases I have made for companies, how can one buy better?

After I asked myself this question, I quickly came to the answer that if you concentrate as a salesman on a single product, you can sell much better. And that I mean of course also in terms of the selling price.


As a sole trader concentrating on one product I don’t have big cost structures like other companies with a wide range of products.

After I had already built up the website www.montageprofis24.com in my time as an employee and gradually wrote texts and set up an online store, the point really came to sell the first box of glazing packers.


Why I sell Glazing packers


I’m Daniel Helmut Pinger, founder of glazing-packers.com and here I explain in my first online video 🙂 how I came to sell glazing packers. First only in Germany and after a year worldwide.


So what can I offer you when selling glazing packers?

The bottom line is that I sell you glazing packers no more and no less. In exchange, they go directly from the factory to you – no middleman making the prices unnecessarily more expensive. And I sell them in packaging units of 1000 pieces. That was it actually already.

You can get the glazing blocks in widths from 20 mm to 60 mm – if you are unsure which block is the right one contact us.


You are unsure which size of glazing block you need? 

How can I find the right size of glazing block?

Which glazing block is right for me?
What kind of glass and thickness will be used?

Frame structure
In which window system will the glazing blocks be installed?

Keep this information at hand and contact us.
You prefer to write? No problem, just send me an e-mail to verglasungskloetze@montageprofis24.com

You prefer to call? No problem, just call us at +49 228 76383680 during business hours – GTM +1

What to expect in the near future also from www.verglasungskloetze.info

The next steps are planned and also you should know what is happening here. I could win in winter 2019/2020 the website www.verglasungskloetze.info (until now, the site is used only to link to the store) to. The primary goal here is to show you more about the production and proper use of glazing packers.