A guide to the correct use of glazing blocks

Everything you need to know to properly process and purchase glazing packers.




Glazing packers are multifunctional parts used in the field of window production, window and door assembly, but also general assembly work in the field of construction. For example, carpenters and joiners use glazing packers of various widths and thicknesses for their products almost every day.

We cannot work with 20 mm wide glazing packers only because they are the cheapest.
Correct and proper use of packers guarantees long functionality and durability of your manufactured and installed product.
An inconspicuous part so small but so relevant.



What is the function of glazing packers and how can we help them with this?

111 variants currently in the store and their possible functions. Click here to go to the store.

Professional blocking of glass panes in the window frame
Load transfer of the panes
Load transfer in the window plane to the building structure
Spacer blocks when using e.g. substructures
Height adjustment of components

Your customer or even builder expects not only a flawless window but also a flawless building structure connection. The correct use of a glass pane in the window frame should also meet today’s technical requirements. Our glazing packers with their 111 variants enable you to make the right choice for the right application, at least in this part. Weak points can be avoided with the right use.

Why glazing packers and why you are not a minor issue.

In the companies, the selection of the right glazing packers has a significantly increasing priority in purchasing

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