• 100 mm length
  • 24 mm width
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  • through our inventory control system, your order is processed immediately
  • Sea and Air freight with our shipment professional DB Schenker
  • different colors for quick identification
  • highest requirements
  • edge compound compatible
  • aging resistant
  • ift-tested
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Zusätzliche Information

Glazing packers suitcase – 600 units

Ordering a glazing packer’s suitcase kills many birds with one stone. First, you always have the different thicknesses immediately at hand. Second, we don’t deliver the glazing packers set individually in bags or boxes. Rather, it comes in a convenient carrying case made of cardboard. This is water repellent and easy to transport due to its carrying handle. Third, the glazing packers are within easy reach and intuitively sorted within the case. Finally, you won’t miss any size because you accidentally forgot to order some.

Buy glazing packers set as an assortment: Your advantages at a glance

  • Always the glazing packer set with all sizes at hand
  • Our glazing packers are suitable for all assembly work
  • For quick alignment of building elements
  • Supplied in a water-repellent system case
  • For carpenters, metal workers, glaziers, gardeners, carpenters, and many more
  • Perfect also for kitchen and furniture assembly
  • Our set case makes extra Systainers for your blocks superfluous
  • Possible applications for glazing packers

The actual function of glazing packers is to support the glass or glass composite when glazing doors and windows. There, they must support the entire weight of the glass pane in the frame. Consequently, the pane never rests directly on the frame.

But our packers also play an important role in everyday life on the construction site in the carpentry and metal construction trades. There, all construction elements that have to be underbuilt and aligned can be brought into their correct position with the spacer packers. This makes stable and millimeter-precise alignment child’s play.

For example, window frames can be brought into perpendicularity on a masonry structure in the simplest way.

Furthermore, they are extremely useful for creating the expansion joint to the wall during parquet work.

Likewise, the glazing packer suitcase is an excellent helper when substructing door frames.

You can also easily align the substructure of a wall assembly with the matching blocks from the glazing packer set.

In summary, it can be said that glazing packers are important helpers in all work where accuracy is important. As practically indestructible bases for height compensation and the creation of defined distances, it is impossible to imagine modern craftsmanship without them. We even have nurseries as customers who use the weather-resistant glazing packers in the set to color-mark their seeds.

The glazing blocks set includes the most commonly used packers. The dimensions are 100 mm x 24 mm and the thicknesses are 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm.

Of course, we can also supply you with glazing packers in other dimensions and special blocks. Therefore, just ask if you do not find what you are looking for in the store. Because we have over 114 variants of glazing packers in stock.

Our glazing packers set meets the highest demands

Because you are judged by the result of your work, you need reliable partners and first-class material. We know that many of your works are connected with guarantee promises. That’s why we apply the highest quality standards to our glazing block set to protect our customers. We are absolute specialists in glazing blocks and deliberately do not carry a variety of articles. Our power lies exclusively on glazing blocks. Therefore, we can offer you glazing blocks that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. We supply only first-class quality Made in Germany from our own production. Therefore, we are able to vouch for the quality and durability of our blocks.

How does the glazing block set get to you?

Finally, the glazing packers have to get to you. That is why we cooperate with DB Schenker. A 100 Procent reliable Shipping partner for Sea and Air freight. Unlike other providers, DB Schenker enables delivery to the hour. Via live tracking you know exactly where your glazing packers set is located during delivery. In addition, you can see the live location of the delivery vehicle on a map. Furthermore, you can also give DB Schenker a parking permit. If you are not present on the known delivery date, you can give DB Schenker permission to drop off your parcels at another location. These benefits, coupled with fast and reliable delivery, make DB Schenker the first choice for delivering your glazing block set.


All the benefits from shipping expert DB Schenker – safe, on time professional and reliable.


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